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I know this is not as fun, glamorous or as exciting knowing that The Count coming to the Beaches Resorts…However, traveling without travel insurance is like leaving home without any pants on!  Huh?  I move on –  Just like any other professional (lawyers without wills, doctors that don’t take their own advice), I too am a victim of traveling and not having Travel Insurance, when I truly needed it!!!  Neil reminds me all the time of our trip to the Mediterranean for 18 days and we started out the first 3-4 days with any of our luggage.


Travel insurance is more than just coverage for those bags that decide Paris is much more suited for them, than Barcelona.  Many of us don’t truly understand our own health coverage when we are at home, let alone if we are outside of the State or even the Country.  Many HMO’s do not cover you when you travel.  YIKES!  Same could be said for PPO’s, as well.  You might have the BEST coverage, but cross over a Stateline…fuggedaboutit.”

Truly, when paying for a hard earned vacation that you worked all year for, isn’t the small investment to protect that trip well worth it?  I now do!  I tell all of my clients about my personal experience and then of my poor sweet bride…She was at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for her Bachelorette Party – Woo Hoo, Party!  They were all at the pool with their foot long sized margaritas and low & behold as my bride was stepping out of the pool, she slipped and landed directly on her knee!  Of course, she crushed said knee, requiring surgery to reconstruct it and was on crutches for 2 months – yes, she walked down the aisle with them!  She and her groom were booked to go to the Hilton Waikoloa on Big Island and I know you can guess – NO TRAVEL INSURANCE!  All she wanted to do was to snorkel in the Hawaiian waters…The change fees for the air and hotel were pricey!  Far more than what the insurance would have cost.  Lesson learned!

So what prompted this post today was a story I received from my Travel Insurance Supplier that I work with.  WOW!  I am so glad these clients had the coverage! 

Honeymoon Heartache

Alfredo and Anne of Pennsylvania were on their honeymoon in exotic Riviera  Maya, Mexico. The honeymoon hotspot, which boasts ancient Mayan ruins and a spellbinding view of the water’s edge, seemed like the perfect place for a scuba diving excursion. The experience should have been breathtaking. Instead, it took Alfredo’s breath away – literally – when he dove into a wave, struck his head and his whole body went numb. He needed help immediately.

Though he was quickly rescued from the sea, local medical personnel soon found that he had a severe spinal injury and lacked movement in most of his body. Even worse, Riviera Maya lacked an adequate medical facility to treat spinal injuries. Thankfully, Anne had purchased a travel insurance plan. While doctors attempted to stabilize Alfredo at the local hospital, she called Travel Assistance Coordinators assessed the situation and ordered an air ambulance evacuation to the closest medical facility qualified to handle Alfredo’s complex diagnosis.

The Travel Insurance company coordinated the evacuation to Miami, where Alfredo underwent successful surgery. Anne and her family members were thankful that the Travel Insurance Company was able to keep them informed of Alfredo’s fragile condition during this difficult time. And, Anne was pleased at how quickly they were reimbursed for their medical expenses!

So when planning your next trip that I book for you 😉  whether for business or pleasure, I know that mishaps are the furthest from your mind.  Fortunately, when the worst does happen, having Travel Insurance Coverage will be worthwhile!  I will tailor your coverage to your needs!



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