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So this week I was privileged to have lunch with John Delaney, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sales, at One Market Restaurant in San Francisco to celebrate Seabourn’s 25th Anniversary.  This is a great luxury cruiseline that plans on adding new ships to their fleet over the next 2 years.

What I really like about Seabourn for my clients is their service, attention detail and overall a great vacation experience that cannot be offered elsewhere.  There is so much included in cruising with Seabourn that you don’t have with the other mass market cruiselines.  All of the dining venues are included – so no surcharge for a specialty restaurant!  Complimentary wine, spirits, sodas & bottled water, even in your own mini-bar in your stateroom!!!  Not to mention, ALL of the staterooms are suites!

What I think really makes them magical are the dream touches they provide – such as Caviar in the Surf!

Also, what makes them stand out are special COMPLIMENTARY excursions such as An Evening at Ephesus:

So, now that you are ready for that perfect vacation – give me a call and let’s discuss planning it!

Looking for something different for your visit to the Caribbean?  Tired of the usual…St. Thomas, Jamaica, St. Maarten?  Or…just want to brag to your friends about your next travel adventure?  Well, I am here to report that Sandals Resorts is bringing to you one of the most beautiful resorts on the exotic island of Grenada!

Sandals Grenada

Now, I can see a few of you scratching your heads and wondering…”where the heck is Grenada?”  For the rest of you, I know you are doing a Google map search.  In my efforts to keep you on this blog, here’s a map of where it is located:

Map of Grenada

To fly to the island, there are currently flights departing from Atlanta & Miami.  For those clients not located in those 2 cities, your flights will connect through either of those airports.

For those looking for the ultimate romantic getaway, Grenada is for you!  This property has only 225 rooms, separated into 3 villages – Pink Gin, South Seas & the Italian Village.  3 pools, plus 2 river pools.  Also, a first for a Sandals property – Sky Pool Suites:

Sky Pool

This property is scheduled to open in December 2013.  I am currently taking bookings for this property, so give me a call to discuss taking advantage of the early booking rates and air credit offers.

Love Grenada

If you haven’t figured out with this blog, I don’t just throw out to you any ole travel special…When I come across the good ones or even the GREAT ONES, I must share.

Of course I am biased when it comes to Tahiti!  It is my most favorite travel location!!!  Yes, I know I keep threatening to discuss my trip there (and, I promise I will get to it soon).  So many wonderful islands to tell you about and of course, I will introduce you to my buddy the manta ray.  So stay tuned, it will not disappoint.

In the meantime, if you have been dreaming about that trip Tahiti – what are you waiting for?!?!  Let me make that dream come true for you.

Check out these 2 options to consider for that trip of a lifetime!  Now I know some of you are thinking, “Honeymoon”?  “Why bother reading any further, since I’ve been married for a gazillion years!”   Folks, don’t let the romance die!  Get out that credit card, which you refer to as the evil plastic nightmare and envision it as your plastic passage to paradise…


Only because I keep teasing you about my trip to Tahiti, I thought I would share a little piece of sheer beauty with you:

Neil dolphin watching in Rangiroa

Neil dolphin watching in Rangiroa

Are you feeling your next vacation coming on yet????

Lauren Liebert

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