What a great way to see the Galapagos – camp in luxury.   For those of you out there in internet land that are acquainted with me, know I do not camp, period!!!  What’s the point?  You sleep in dirt, no access to showers,  bathrooms, hairdryers (yikes!), are amongst bugs, unwelcomed beasts, etc…  You get a better vacation staying at home.  Just saying…

Okay, back to the reason for this post – The Galapagos.  First of all, the Galapagos Safari Camp was rated in the top 101 Best Hotels in the World.  Right there you know you are going to get a bathroom!  Just my style.  “101 Best Hotels in the world” Tatler Magazine Travel Guide 2010 

Also, it provides an authentic island experience by offering luxury safari tents in an exclusive natural environment.

The camp has 9 luxury safari tents perched on a hill, providing comfort and privacy in the wilderness.  The spacious tents have a balcony with views of the park and the ocean and are attractively decorated, with a private bathroom and hot shower (woo hoo!).  Guests can gather by the fireplace in the main room to view the sunset, taste their chef´s creative dishes that cater to the international palate in the panoramic dining room (Breakfast & Dinner Included Daily) or enjoy the tranquility of the infinity pool with fabulous ocean views.

I know you wanna go…So here’s the special to review & give me a jingle to book this once in a lifetime experience!