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I don’t know why it is lately that I am driven passionately to blog about food???  Maybe it is the scrumptious delights I keep reading about over at my pal Megan’s blog at

With good travel, must come good food!

So why talk about food in Sonoma, when it is known for the wine?  Answer = Because we will be here all day if I let myself discuss that topic!

Our Saturday started out with a drive from San Francisco up to the Dry Creek Valley area of Sonoma with some good friends!  ****Waving at Neil and Michelle****

After doing some tastings at a few wineries and a nice nap, we were off to search for dinner in downtown Healdsburg.   After a few attempts at a couple of places, we were led to Willi’s Seafood and Raw Bar.   It is rare that you end up at a restaurant and EVERYTHING on the menu sounds great! They serve the food small plate or tapas style.   Rumor has it we were supposed to share with each other, but we each loved our dishes so much that giving up even 1 shrimp was not going to happen!

Here’s the menu:

You can see why it was hard to ONLY choose 2 per person!

You can see why it was hard to ONLY choose 2 per person!

One of the dishes I chose was the Pan Roasted Shrimp with Chilies, Lemon & Garlic:



Another dish on our table was the Tuna Tartare, Jalapenos, Cashews, Ginger, Coconut Milk:


Can’t wait to head on back!

Just when our culinary adventure could not get any better — IT DID!   On our way back home we stopped in Santa Rosa and had lunch at Guy Fieri’s Johnny Garlic’s.   WOW, WOW, WOW!!!   It was one of the most silent meals Neil & I ever have had together.  The food was amazing!   Don’t be fooled by the bad bleached spiked hair – this guy (no pun intended) can cook!

I chose the 1/2 order of Volcano Chicken:


and, Neil dove right on into the Chipotle Pasta with Hot Links & Caesar Salad:


So the next time you are up in Sonoma, by all means do drink your way through the valleys!   However, don’t forget to eat too!

Hi, I’m back!!!  Miss me?  I missed you guys!  WOW, that Royal Caribbean sale was great for biz! 

So last year I spent 5 days at the (then new) Secrets Silversands. Great resort and the most requested drink there was the Miami Vice!  I kept looking around for Don Johnson, but he was nowhere to be found.  Oh no, I think I just dated myself…Sorry, but I am a product of the ’80’s.  I even have pictures of 2 guests from my (formal) wedding that dressed like Crockett & Tubbs! 

Back to the drink – – – Enjoy!

You have to agree this resembles one of Crockett's Suits...

You have to agree this resembles one of Crockett's Suits...

This drink is all about the presentation—getting a clear separation of white (piña colada) from red (strawberry daiquiri).

First, blend together 2.5 ounces of your favorite rum with 1 cup of ice and 4 ounces of piña colada mix. Blend until smooth and then set aside. Rinse out your blender and add 2.5 ounces of the same rum, 1 cup of ice and 4 ounces of strawberry daiquiri mix. Now, layer in a hurricane glass the pina colada and strawberry daiquiri creating a red and white stripe.

For those holding out for a good deal on cruising – HERE IT IS! 

On-Board Credits & Reduced Deposits!!!  WOW!  No wonder Royal Caribbean calls it their WOW Sale.  Royal Caribbean is one of the best cruiselines out there for family travel.  So much to offer – Rock Walls, In-line Skating, Ice Skating, Boxing, Surfing, Water Park, I could go on and on and on…Contact me no later than 8:00 p.m. PST on October 7, to place your deposit on that 2010 vacation!


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