20 years from now will you remember your blender? 


I so wish that the concept of a Honeymoon Registry was around when I got married…Honestly, I have NEVER used my china!  Let’s talk a little about the bread maker – it hasn’t been used in over 10 years, but looks great on the counter!  I will admit that recently I have been eyeing the fondue set, but did I really have to store it for the past 15 years?  I know so many of you married folks out there are thinking about those gifts tucked far, far away…  Admit it!!!  Wouldn’t you rather of had that dinner on the beach, instead of the silver tea set????  I’m just saying…

I have worked with a couple of honeymoon registries over the years and the one I currently work with has the best reputation, not to mention the most fantastic staff!   Below is description I put together describing how it all works!  If you are getting married or know of someone getting married, forward on this blog link!

Start your life together with a honeymoon experience you’ll never forget by creating your own customized honeymoon registry. You’ll be giving your guests a convenient gift alternative to crock pots and salad spinners; and an opportunity to be a part of your honeymoon memories. Unlike most household items, memories last forever.

What is a Honeymoon Registry?

A honeymoon registry works like most gift registries except that instead of individually choosing dishes, toasters, and other household items, you are choosing pieces of a honeymoon.  Within the honeymoon are many components and activities that can represent individual gift items.  These things are itemized, just as in a traditional gift registry.  You enter the information and when you are finished, voila! There will be traditionalists that simply would prefer giving you something that they can see, touch, and feel themselves.  For others, they will appreciate the alternative, progressive nature of a honeymoon registry because it is the type of registry they would choose if they were getting married now.

Tip: Have fun with it and give it some of your own personality.

How it works

As contributions are made from your guests, they will be applied them directly to your honeymoon.  The gift-giver will receive a personalized letter acknowledging their contributions.  All payments will be accepted up until the day you leave for your honeymoon.  Any additional funds contributed over the cost of your honeymoon will be issued to you in the form of a check.   After final payment is made you will be reimbursed as the contributions.  However, please remember, if your honeymoon registry has not collected the full payment amount due by the date indicated on your confirmation, you will be responsible for the full payment.

How to get the word out

When you book your dream honeymoon with us and pay the required deposit, you can send personalized cards to your guest to let them know about your honeymoon plans.  Just as you would let guests know that you are registered at Macy’s or Crate & Barrel, this will let family and friends know that you have a Honeymoon Registry.   It’s also a good idea to give the cards to your immediate family so they remember where you’re registered when wedding guests call them.

Is there a cost to this service?

The only cost to you is the time you put into creating your registry and wedding web page. But that’s something that you’ll have fun doing. It’s your registry; feel free to personalize it as much or as little as you want!  For gift purchasers a small service/gift delivery fee is charged on each gift purchase that usually amounts to no more than sales taxes and less if you include shipping and gift wrapping.  For example, a $50 item would be $54.43 upon checkout.

Honeymoon Registry

With this Honeymoon Registry you can register online, create a free honeymoon website, and register all types of items for your honeymoon.

  • No set up fee.
  • Free wedding website.
  • Hundreds of ideas covering areas all over the world – or you can create your own honeymoon registry.
  • Photos for all items with descriptions.
  • No tacky advertising.
  • Announcements & shower games.
  • You can receive your gifts anytime.

If you would like to give your wedding guests a gifting alternative to crock pots, toasters and blenders, we offer you the convenience of a fully automated, online honeymoon registry service. Your wedding guests can buy you gifts that deliver experiences like offshore excursions, tours, sport activities or amenities like beauty and spa services. If you would like more information or help setting one up, contact us.