So I am going to go backwards from time to time here, because I have a lot of catching up to do… 

So at the beginning of June, I headed up to the Port of San Francisco (yeah, I know I tend to do that from time to time…) to spend the afternoon touring Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas.  This visit was all thanks to the overly dramatic Swine Flu epidemic in Mexico!  RCCL repositioned the Mariner from doing the Mexican Riviera out of Los Angeles, to Roundtrip Los Angeles for a Pacific Northwest experience for a few weeks, until things returned to “normal” in Mexico. 

We are so fortunate to have this Voyager Class Ship here on the West Coast!  Mariner was moved from its former home in Port Canaveral, Florida (they have enough cruise ships out there spare at least one to us) to Los Angeles  YAY!!!!  No more having to settle for the old run down Monarch of the Seas. YAY!!!  Even though this ship holds 3,100 passengers, you wouldn’t know it. She is big, but doesn’t feel big.  There is plenty of space to hang, so you don’t feel over-crowded.

For those unfamiliar with this ship class – it is the first of its kind to have a mall (aka, the Royal Promenade) and an ice rink!  Yes, I said ice rink…

Ice Rink

The Royal Promenade is two football fields in length and four decks high. With a wide selection of shops, restaurants and entertainment the Royal Promenade will be the place to be.  (Check out the staterooms overlooking the Promenade…)


This ship simply oozes fun!  So much to do – From the great pool areas (including the thalassotherapy pool), to climbing the rock wall, in-line roller skating, basketball (full size court), miniature golf, to catching a parade on the Royal Promenade.

There are many dining options on-board.  You have the main dining room, which is 3 stories tall!  There is also the wonderful buffet and room service – all which is included in the cruise fare price.  Now for a small fee Mariner offers some specialty dining options – Chops Grille Steakhouse ($25 per person), Portofino Italian Restaurant ($20 per person) and Johnny Rockets ($4.95 per person).


I came across this table which shows what is consumed in entire week by cruisers on Mariner – WOW! 

Beef: 20,000 lb Chicken: 12,000 lb Pork: 5,000 lb Lobster: 1,400 lb
Other seafood: 4,000 lb Salmon: 2,500 lb Fresh eggs: 28,000 Flour: 15,000 lb
Sugar: 4,300 lb Coffee: 1,500 lb Fresh fruits: 35,000 lb Fresh vegetables: 65,000 lb
Potatoes: 18,000 lb Fresh berries: 600 lb Ice cream: 8,000 gallons Milk: 1,500 gallons
Individual yogurts: 4,200 Cheese: 5,800 lb Slices of pizza: 18,000 Beer: 10,700 bottles
Beer: 8,500 cans Soda: 11,500 cans Wine: 2,900 bottles Whiskey: 200 bottles


Now I can’t go away from a posting without discussing at least 1 stateroom.  I toured the cabins and found them very suitable.  The ones I was most interested in seeing were the inside cabins that overlooked the Promenade.  For some reason, these are very popular.  Personally, if I am on a cruise ship, give me a view of the ocean not a mall!  I’ll tell ya though, these staterooms sell out quick!!!!  <shaking head in confusion>

Inside Mall Room

Stay tuned for more…